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Conventional Treatment of Pancreatitis

Herbal Treatment

Ayurvedic Treatment of Pancreatitis


Ayurvedic treatment for Pancreatitis is a one year long regime of regulated diet, lifestyle and a com­bination of Ayurvedic formulations. This includes initial three weeks inhouse treatment under the su­pervision of the treating physician. Later, the treatment is continued following the prescribed diet and lifestyle along with medicines. 


A daily diet comprising of 1800-2400 calories divided into three meals and three snacks is advised. The diet should be rich in protein and dairy products. Consumption of tea, coffee, aerated drinks, refined flour, onion, garlic, tomato, packaged or reheated food items is refrained. 


The patients are advised eight hours of undisturbed sleep at night. Physical and mental exertion should be avoided, especially during the initial four months.


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